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Fruit and Sandwich Platter

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German Chocolate $40

Price List

Flavored cake, fresh pineapple, strawberry, banana, toasted nuts, caramel, chocolate drizzle and chery.
Banana Split Cake  $35
Assortment of delicious sandwiches east consisting of a variety of savory meats, cheeses. lettuce, tomato, and choice of buns/bread with veggies included on each platter.  All sandwiches cut per customers request.
Tasty Sandwich Platter $5.95 per person,  $7.75 with salad
Breaded Eggplant Platter  $40, Serves 10-12
Very Merry Berry  $40
White cake, custard, fresh berry, raspberry, strawberry, black raspberry, crema fresca, white chocolate, chocolate drizzle and cherry.
Candy Store $35
Chocolate cake, chocolate crema fresca, assorted Christmas candy, chocolate and drizzle.
Real Lemon Cello  $35
Fresh Lemons, custard, crema fresca.
Real Orange Cello  $35
Fresh Oranges, custard, crema fresca.
Mocha Peanut Butter Wafer $35
Chocolate cake, chocolate crema fresca, wafer, mocha whip, toasted nuts and chocolate drizzle.
Chocolate cake, chocolate crema frsca, pecans, coconut, carmel, cherries, shaved chocolate
Toasted Chocolate Almond $35
Chocolate cake, custard, toasted almonds, deluxe chocolate drizzle.
Christmas Candy Store $35
Chocolate cake, chocolate crema fresca, assorted candy, chocolate and drizzle.
    Meat, Cheese, and Fruit platters, Price on request
Fried Green Tomatoes, Seasonal